Bad Moon Rising.

Well, it was more like “Bad Moon Setting”. This morning, as the moon set, it was going to be a “Super Blue Blood Moon”. This would be a once in my lifetime event. I decided to try and take a photo or two. Braving the cool 26 degree Fahrenheit / -6 Celsius temperatures, I got up early, went outside and took a test shot.(C)2018 KRColvinPhoto

I still had some time before the moon set. My not so awake brain was awakened in the coldness. I had my ISO set at 1600 as it seemed dark and I am not proficient in night time shooting. When I turned 180 degrees around, the sun was rising. Not a spectacular sunrise, but it is not that often I am up and outside this early. (C)2018 KRColvinPhoto

I went back inside to warm up a bit and to wait for moon-set. When the time was almost right, I went back outside and prepared for that perfect shot. I snapped a few more shots while I waited.(C)2018 KRColvinPhoto

This shot would be the last shot of the moon before the clouds covered it completely. While I did not get a photo of the super blue blood moon in all it’s specular glory, I am proud of myself for venturing outside so early in the cold with out having my first cup of COFFEE.

Be safe and have a Great day. . .

Speed Kills.

(C)2018 KRColvinPhoto

It may be a little hard to see, but that is a Sanitation Truck (Garbage Truck) that appears to have just flew past me. In reality, the truck was slowly backing up to pick up this weeks trash. I just happened to be in the right place at the right time with my camera set up on a tripod. Fast Shutter speeds would have killed this shot. (13 seconds exposure).

Yesterday was a bright sunshiny day and I got outside to experiment with my Neutral Density filter. I wanted to capture motion.

(C)2018 KRColvinPhoto

I think I accomplished what I set out to do, capturing motion. This above shot was a 1.1 second exposure, aperture was set at 36 with ISO of 100.

Be Safe out there and have a Great Day. . .


It’s 8:00AM, I’m getting ready to go take photos at a local event.


This event is a Wagon Train Fund Raiser, to benefit a local church. I arrive and take a few photos, to be sure my camera is set up right. I snap a photo of church members and friends, enjoying a beautiful day.

(C)2017 KRColvinPhoto

It’s starting time, I find a suitable place. My hopes are to photograph all participants as they leave the out of the gate. Honestly, leaving out a gate from a neighbors field.

(C)2017 KRColvinPhoto

The fun now begins. I want to capture a good photo of every rider or wagon that exits the field. If they came out one at a time and slowly, that would be too easy. Then I have the hay-ride wagons, (trailers) loaded with it’s riders. There are always those people who make faces, wave constantly, or hide their faces. So I do the best I can do.(C)2017 KRColvinPhoto

When the last rider has left the gate, I relocate to another location. I am hoping I can get some real good pictures of the riders and wagons while they make their way down a country road.

Some wagons leisurely stroll by me, giving me ample time to get a shot.(C)2017 KRColvinPhoto

While others come at me full speed.(C)2017 KRColvinPhoto

The same goes with the riders as some go slow by.(C)2017 KRColvinPhoto

While others seem to have places to go.(C)2017 KRColvinPhoto

But the hardest thing I deal with is the lighting of the sun. It’s hard to see the people riding in their covered wagons as they relax in the shade.(C)2017 KRColvinPhoto

While my photography skills are not to my liking, no one has complained about the photos I took and shared for the world to see.

So goes the life of this Photography Hobbyist, I learn something new everyday.

Be Safe and have a Great Day. . .

Yellow ?

Below is just one of many autos that took part in the Tellico Plains, Tennessee Christmas parade. This was the first time I attended their parade. I am adding it to my list of events to attend in 2018.

(C)2017 KRColvinPhoto

If you would like to see more photos of this ‘Small Town with a Big Back Yard”s Christmas parade, click here: Small Town (2) .

Tellico Plains, population 880 (2010 census) is a Gateway to the Great Smokey Mountains. So when they say they have a big back yard, they really do.

Be Safe and have a Great Day/Night.

The Clouds above Me.

From the burnt white of the sun, to the dark shadows underneath the tree limbs. My recent filter purchase seems to work OK. Now to make time and go to the river to see if it will smooth the water to soft as silk.

(C)2018 KRColvinPhoto

Testing out a Variable ND Filter. (Neutral Density Filter).  f/4.5  1/80  iso100  27.0mm

Broken Man

Here sits a broken man, few friends does he have, he sits by the fire, warming his arthritic hands. He sits there in silence, hearing not a sound, but the ringing in his ears, quit like a cricket sounds. His mind is empty, few thoughts does he have, yes here sits a lonely, broken hearted man.

(C)2018 KRColvinPhoto


World Famous Photos ? ? ?

World famous photos ? ? ?  I don’t think so. Although I find it strange, even though I shouldn’t, to see my photos posted somewhere I did not post them. I have had some of my photos used elsewhere, but they were posted under the Creative Commons usage rights. But when they were not posted for general use, seeing them elsewhere can be a little bit worry some. [MyPhotosUsed]

I feel that these photos are just a reposting off of FLICKr. While they do give me credit as the photographer, as that is normally all I ask for when one of the photos is used, it still feels a little odd.

This just goes to prove that once you post on the Internet, only the Lord knows where it will end up.