My Style.

January 2, 2018

My ‘Style’ of Photography.

Most Photographers have a ‘STYLE’ of photography. Myself, I lack a style. One could say my style is a, point, shoot and post style. Without a style, the photos I take are no different then cellphone pictures. A ‘Style’ would set my photos apart from all the others, making them individualistic.

I have read that finding “your” style is a ‘evolutionary process’. While I experiment, trying to develop my style, you will continue to see the ‘Point, Shoot, and Post’ style on most of my event photos.

My ‘Medium’

Color, Black & White, other. I have dabbled in B&W photography. For me, color works best. While photographing events such as parades and car shows in black and white would make my photography different than all others. It would lack the individuality of every object I photographed. Although B&W works well on the human subjects I photograph. Especially when I struggle with the tone and color of their skin.

My ‘Composition’

How my photo looks. Did I get enough or too much background or surroundings around the main subject of my photo. Did I blow-out the color or make it too dark. Is the photo pleasing to the viewer? I struggle with this a lot. Sometimes I have little or no control on this matter. Such as at a car shows, at high noon, with the cars parked very close together.


Now with just the three things I noted above, I have a long ways to go in becoming the Photographer I wish to be. This means many hours of reading, practice and failures.

For those that have viewed my photos on FACEBOOK and/or FLICKr, Thank You for you kind comments and likes.

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