Wood Burner

While I would rather be outside wandering around taking photos, trying out the ‘tips’ I read yesterday. It is too cold and windy for these old bones to do that. As I have been spending much time around my wood burner, keeping it going, I decided to photograph it.

The room is fairly dark and not much sun shining it. I did not want to use a flash or home lighting, I set my ISO to 1600. The aperture was set at F1.8 to get all available light I could use. I adjusted the exposure value to +5 and took a shot.

While it will not win any awards, I noticed the flames and wood looked like a painting by oil, while the rest looked like a poor photo. Well it is time for this old man to go and slit some more wood to keep my bones warm.

(C)2018 KRColvinPhoto

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