Giddy up and go.

What could be better than a slow leisurely ride along the back roads of the quiet countryside in East Tennessee? The dinner that awaits and the end of the ride.

[Three Riders]

As these three riders take off in the Oak Grove Missionary Baptist Church’s Wagon Train ride, a small army of women are in the Church’s basement preparing meatloaf, fried chicken, cornbread and all sorts of fine food for when the riders return.

[the fixins]

I look forward to the bi-annual Wagon Trains the church host. It is alway a challenge for me, as I try to photograph all the rides and their mounts or wagons. Then I try to photograph those behind the scenes and as they enjoy a great meal. A hards day work, and that is before I set down and process 300+ RAW images on a slow and old computer.

It is worth the time and effort to me when I see the comments, shares and view count increase. I know I have captured memories that one day will bring a smile to someones face as they say, I remember that.

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