Money Green.

An older woman walked up and looked at the car. She said he father had one very much like it. The owner opened the drivers door and told her to sit in it. The lady got in and began looking over the interior. She noticed air-conditioning vents in the dash, then said, “I didn’t know they had air condition back then”. The owner smiled and replied, “It was a special order option back in 1936”.


This 1936 FORD Sedan (aka Humpback) has been modified. Air-conditioning, Power steering, Tilt steering wheel, Power breaks, Electric windows (Front only), Automatic transmission. Then to ensure it will make it “to & from” where ever the owner wants to go, it has a Chevy 350 engine.

The little trailer it pulls behind has a hood compartment and a body compartment. It’s hood compartment is normally loaded with auto cleaning supplies. Then Lawn chairs, Ice chest, two shade tents and everything else the owner desires to take is loaded in the body compartment.



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