So So Much.

Late Spring, Summer and early Fall months are always full of photography opportunities for me. Most every weekend there is Car Show that I attend. I walk around and take some shots of the autos there. Now isn’t that what one with a camera does at a car show, take photos of the cars.  Well I missed seeing the forest because of all the trees. There is so so much more to photograph and explore.


It was one of the last shows of season when I focus my lens on more than just a car.  I didn’t know at that time, but this year while looking through those photos I saw the ‘forest’, not just the trees.

At the show I took the above photos, there is the opportunity to show a small town event. I might even be able to let the viewer feel the calm peaceful feeling while showing the locals enjoying themselves an the event. I could even point out that the building in the bottom rights is the Dayton, Tennessee Courthouse where the Scopes Trial (aka: Monkey Trials) were held. This was where the teaching of Evolution was on trial.

Monkey Trial begins – Jul 10, 1925


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