Live, Learn and Re-Shoot.

I was so happy that DD was going to let me to take a few photos of her yesterday. I would finally be able to try out my new umbrella lamps. I already had the backdrop hanging, as it was new, letting the wrinkles smooth out some. I set the white balance with my gray card, also new. After setting up and preparing everything, I thought I was ready to capture a few good photos.

DD sat on the photo stool and I snapped a few test photos. Of course they looked great on the camera viewer. When I viewed the RAWs on the computer, well lets say I was more than unhappy with myself. I couldn’t blame it on anything other than myself. Even with heavy photo editing, they look worse than a cheap cellphone pic. But it is better I mess things up now, and learn, than when I only have one chance to do it right.

So my lesson learned was: No matter how much equipment you have, if the idiot behind the camera (me), does not know what their doing, the photos will still look like a cheap cellphone pic.



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