Silent Radio.

This week’s Word Press Weekly Photo Challenge – “Silence”. I thought to myself, why not see what I could come up with. I sit at the computer thinking, in almost total silence. The hum of the computer fan and the chair occasionally squeaking as I moved around. I was trying to think what ‘Silence’ meant to me. I sat and stared out the window thinking when a reflection of the sun hit my eyes. I moved a little so the reflection was out of my eyes and returned to thinking again, yet again the suns reflection hit me in the eyes once again. I went to move the object around some, when I saw the ‘Silent radio’. It sat on my desk, unplugged, disconnected and covered in dust. [Silent Radio]

With the world at my fingertips, this world wide transceiver sits silent. Not a word from it will I hear, as sitting in total silence can sometimes be the best thing to hear.

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