Learning. . .

For those who saw my post, Live, Learn and Re-Shoot, you know I botched up a test shoot. I edited two shots and posted them. They looked terrible. Today I went back to that set of photos. Using Darktable I tried different editing styles. I knew how I wanted the photos to look, although I have never found the right combination of setting. I have seen others apply this style or something very close to it, to their portraits. They were well seasoned and/or professional photographers, and I was assuming they used Photoshop or an Adobe program. As I am a Linux box user and my one Windows machine does not come close to meeting the specs needed for Photoshop, I asking them how they did it would do me little good.

I was clicking away on the different option settings on Darktable, my brain was thinking faster than my finger could input the changes. I could feel my hair turning grayer, then somehow I must have pushed or clicked the right settings, as I saw a real ruff image on my screen that was to my liking. It is not perfect and I still have a ways to go, if I don’t foul things up, But I am learning. . . Your comments, good or bad are welcome. . . (C)2018 KRColvinPhoto

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