It’s 8:00AM, I’m getting ready to go take photos at a local event.


This event is a Wagon Train Fund Raiser, to benefit a local church. I arrive and take a few photos, to be sure my camera is set up right. I snap a photo of church members and friends, enjoying a beautiful day.

(C)2017 KRColvinPhoto

It’s starting time, I find a suitable place. My hopes are to photograph all participants as they leave the out of the gate. Honestly, leaving out a gate from a neighbors field.

(C)2017 KRColvinPhoto

The fun now begins. I want to capture a good photo of every rider or wagon that exits the field. If they came out one at a time and slowly, that would be too easy. Then I have the hay-ride wagons, (trailers) loaded with it’s riders. There are always those people who make faces, wave constantly, or hide their faces. So I do the best I can do.(C)2017 KRColvinPhoto

When the last rider has left the gate, I relocate to another location. I am hoping I can get some real good pictures of the riders and wagons while they make their way down a country road.

Some wagons leisurely stroll by me, giving me ample time to get a shot.(C)2017 KRColvinPhoto

While others come at me full speed.(C)2017 KRColvinPhoto

The same goes with the riders as some go slow by.(C)2017 KRColvinPhoto

While others seem to have places to go.(C)2017 KRColvinPhoto

But the hardest thing I deal with is the lighting of the sun. It’s hard to see the people riding in their covered wagons as they relax in the shade.(C)2017 KRColvinPhoto

While my photography skills are not to my liking, no one has complained about the photos I took and shared for the world to see.

So goes the life of this Photography Hobbyist, I learn something new everyday.

Be Safe and have a Great Day. . .

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