B&W Winter Scene.


B&W Winter Scene

A re-edited photo from 2010. Photo was taken looking through the window of my front door, on a cold and snowy March day.  Those are five horses waiting out by the fence.

My computer monitor is very poor. Depending on how I am sitting affects if I make it dark/light enough. I believe I am close to what I desire. The snow near bottom should have a very slight gray or dull look to it, not bright white.

Be Safe and have a Great Day. . .



Shot from the Gazebo in Downtown Sweetwater, Tennessee

Stop looking so hard for that something in this photo that you think I took a photo of. . .

It is just a view of where I would have preferred to have spent yesterday. As I spent most of the day, working (fixing) on my main desktop computer.  I had to replace the master hard drive an OS.

Be Safe and have a Great Day. . .

Hard hats.

Oh man with the hard hat on, you work so very hard.
Your hands oh so calloused, your feet so very sore.
When the sun comes up you start your day, earning a little pay.
Yet a smile on your face when you come home, each and every day.
You know your children will be there waiting, to meet you at the door.
To them your not a hard hat, but a super hero daddy galore.

Hard Hats_0579

Random “Hard Hat” worker from my 2011 Hard Hat collection.

Be Safe and have a Great Day. . .

Correct, Incorrect or neither?

Yesterday as I was enjoying a ‘hot’ winter day, I had my front door open. I hear a squirrel barking out a warning that something dangerous to it’s well being was near. I went out so see what was troubling it. Expecting to find one of the cats or possibly the rooster nearby. I found nothing to upset it. Looking at this squirrel, my thoughts were, I needed to get a photo. When I returned with the camera, it was laying quietly on a limb.

(C)2018 KRColvinPhoto

I took several zoomed in close shots, filling the frame with the squirrel. Then I thought about the concept of placing something in the foreground to add depth to the shot. So I did, I pulled back the zoom some, capturing a few limbs in the foreground.

Now looking at the photo I have mixed feelings. If I was to title it something like, “Way up high and almost hidden in a tree”, this photo would be OK. But all I was going to do was show a photo of the squirrel. Although this photo does show the squirrel in a tree, it violated the rule of “Fill the Frame with the Subject”.

So, did I choose the “correct” photo to share, or was I “incorrect”?  Dose it really matter as long as I am please with the photo I took and shared? Over thinking what should be so simple is almost as bad as not thinking at all. . .

Be Safe and have a Great Day. . .

The woodshed.

Out behind the woodshed, is where we went to smoke.
As kids we thought it was fun, but to our parents it was no joke.
They waited until the time was right, then spoiled our smoking plans.
Out behind the woodshed, they blistered our behinds.(C)2018 KRColvinPhoto

Be Safe and have a Great Day. . .

Should I be, MAD, Outraged or What?

Sorry folks, no pictures in this post. It is just me saying what is on my mind.

As I am viewing my blog page, and enjoying the wonderful post from others. I notice that someone liked one of my postings and they also started following me. Now that is what most everyone wants, right?

Well here is where my problems is. The follower is “SEX STORIES” and the posting they “liked” is of a Teen Girl and her Chalk Art. Do you see where I am going with this?

Well I did not, and have no plans to even view that blog page, as I personally find the page name “not appropriate for this viewer”. For those who desire that stuff, oh well, it is your life.

Now my first thought was to block that blogger. But for some strange reason, I thought that may be ‘prejudging’ them, as they may have really just liked the photos. But when I think of the word SEX and a young child together, it makes me very discussed, ( I am trying to be polite with that statement.)

So I sit here, chain smoking cigarettes, chugging coffee and trying not to be too hasty with my judgment of someone. I am trying to figure out in my head what I should do next. Not posting younger children in my post seems to be the most logical thing I should do. Even though it made her happy that her photo and chalk art was seen in distant countries.

Isn’t it interesting how a Blog’s Page name can ruin a persons day. . .