My Cup is Empty.

Now you are wondering what I mean, My Cup is Empty? Well that is easy to explain and I “eventually” will.  Today I received my coffee cup order. Here is a photo of  my cups.(C)2018 KRColvinPhoto

To get this photo, I set up one of my umbrella studio lights (bulb type) to give me better lighting. Good lighting is the key to a good photo, right? I used my gray card to set my cameras white balance. I even set my oversize white reflector behind the cups, thinking the reflector would be a better background than the wall, plus it might give just a little back-lighting. With my camera on a tripod, I adjusted it to the height I wanted, then set the ISO to 100. I set the shutter speed to 1/5s which automatically set the aperture to F4.5, which would work OK for this close-up. Since I wanted a sharp picture and I know  just pushing the trigger I would blur the picture, I used my remote control trigger.

I took 15 photos of these cups trying to get a good photo. Finally I thought I had a good sharp photo. As you can see, it is ‘not’ a good photo. I spent so much time being sure I had everything set right, I did not stop and take time to really look at what I was shooting. You can plainly see the reflection from a window across the room. That reflection was unnoticed until I developed the RAW photo in Darktable. After everything I did to get a good photo, all I have is a good snap-shot.

Now to answer what I mean by, My Cup is Empty. My photography skills are deficient. But I am not dis-hearted at all. It was another lesson learned. One of many lessons that I have learned from my mistakes. It will not be my last mistake either. (C)2018 KRColvinPhoto

Until next time. . . Be safe and have a great day. . .

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