Photoshop or Lightroom.

For those who know me, my answer is no big surprise. Neither one. Windows and MAC users can stop reading this right HERE.

My operating system is Linux, which means the two programs I want to use are not supported by the platform I use. But that has not been a big problem. I found GIMP, which is as close to Photoshop as I will get on this Operating system.

I never really looked at Lightroom until recently, as I have finally decided to “DO BETTER” with my photography. I looked up the differences between Photoshop and Lightroom to learn the difference. It appeared I was going to need to buy a Windows or MAC as Lightroom was a better fit for what I was doing. Then I ran across ‘Darktable’. Darktable is what some call, Linux’s version of Lightroom. I figured why not, it’s FREE.

I am so happy that I tried darktable, as it along with GIMP now gives me what I needed.  While I can not go and download other peoples photoshop/lightroom presets and such, I can make my own. But first I must capture a photo worth post-processing. Because post-processing a crappy photo just gives you a better looking crappy photo. Something I read in a blog from Agrandaiz Photography.

Gimp or darktable

Be safe and have a great day. . .


    1. If you have not looked at ‘darkroom’, it is worth a good look at. I have found it easier than ‘GIMP” for my basic everyday needs. I am still reading the basic manual. “Oh what joy that is”. . .

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