Is there a Story?

I am sure he has a story, but I did not ask. So what is the story behind this photo? I was taking photos at a Veterans Day Parade when I saw this man sitting in the shrubs in his camouflage clothing. I assumed he was just another Veteran sitting, waiting to see the parade. I snapped a shot then went on about my business. DSC_0588

Now, several years later, I was looking for a photo to post for this weeks photo challenge, and I ran across this photo. Looking at this photo my mind thought about several articles I had resonantly read on Street Photography. Now this is a candid shot, taken from a distance like a coward, and he is not wearing flashy clothing that catches your eye. So what made this photo catch my eye and make me post it today? It is my “Weekly Photo Challenge” photo – “Beloved”. For this man, sitting almost hidden from society, came out to see and pay his respect for his “beloved” service members and Country.

Be Safe and Have a Great Day. . .

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