Happy Monkey.

When I saw DD walking over to my place carrying a stuffed animal, I didn’t ask, I knew what that meant. I got the camera ready to take a few photos. This afternoon she was in a blah mood. I sensed she wasn’t in the mood to be photoed so I had her put the monkey on a stood and started taking some shots. We chatted as I shot the photos. She said her Mamaw got it for her. I ask if it had a name. Not yet, but it was a boy, she said.

After I developed the RAW’s on darktable and she looked at them, she said bye and went home. DD didn’t ask for a print, as most would do. I think she somehow new I was having a blah day too and by having me photograph that monkey, that would make me happy. Well, it did. I could say her just visiting for a while was the best Valentines present ever. Sometimes it’s the simple little things that mean the most.

Stuffed MonkeyDD’s 2018 Valentines present from her Mamaw.

Be Safe and have a Great Day. . .

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