Monochrome Photography

Some photographers use B&W photography almost exclusively. B&W style holds tremendous value in photography. While I personally do not think of Black and White photography as monochrome, some say it is. The same hold true for Sepia photography, some say it is monochrome and others say it is not. When I think of monochrome, I think mono, meaning one. So I set my camera to monochrome and select the color and intensity I want, then snap away.

Now on a monochrome photo, if the histogram is against both walls, some will say it is a Tri-Color photo. Black, White and the chosen single color. That may be true. But when a monochrome, sepia or B&W photo have green and red and yellow plainly visible in the photo as well as the featured color(s), it falls outside the parameters of “just being” any of the three mentions styles.

Below is my “shot in monochrome green” shot. The histogram hits both walls. So is it a “Mono” or “Tri” Color shot, or dose it really matter as it is basically green?


Photo shot in Monochrome Green using the Nikon D3000 settings.

Be Safe and have a Great Day. . .

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