What a CAR. . .

Yes indeed a car. . . if the word car means an automobile. But I see a photo of a truck.Alvin's ProStreet edit

Chev Pro Street owned by Alvin Shoemaker of Niota, Tennessee USA.

While I see a truck, some see a ‘Hot Rod’, and yet others see an ‘Antique”. What one person sees differs from another. Like this image. Some see a snap-shot, some see a photograph, while others see photo art.  

I know this photo just did not happen. I put a lot of work  in it. Even with, going on 10 years of shooting digital photos, I am just now starting to learn a few things about photography. Talk about a SLOW LEARNER. . . 

I decided I better get start learning something about photography after having someone whom I did not know, ask me to do their family portraits. I turned the offer down and recommended a local photographer that could do the job right. All though I could have taken their family portraits, and they “may” have turned out good enough. I lack the experience and wisdom to make great portraits. 

Just as how differently people view my photo of the truck, photographers differ in what they are best at photographing. I think I will stick to doing some event photography and taking photos of my friends and family. 

And as always, you comments, corrective criticism, hints and advice is always welcome.

Be Safe and have a Great Day. . .

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