The R2 Filter.

Looking through the old photography equipment, I ran across this 72mm R2 filter.

Monochrome filter red

Not a lot of use for it in todays digital world, as post processing can create the effects this filter did. And I do not remember using colored filters at all when I was shooting film back in the early 1980’s. I wasn’t much of a photographer back then either. I was just shooting shots of the countries that I was visiting and sending them back home for the family to see. Back then, with the exception of my eldest brother, world travel was out of the question. There was no Internet to look thing up on, so the photos I sent back were a glimpse into places that some of my family would never see.

For now I will put it back in the carry bag, along with the twenty plus undeveloped rolls of film that are in it. As I live in the world of digital photography now. For those of you who still shoot and develop your own film, I salute you for carrying on an almost forgotten form of photography.

Be Safe and have a Great Day. . .

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