Should I be, MAD, Outraged or What?

Sorry folks, no pictures in this post. It is just me saying what is on my mind.

As I am viewing my blog page, and enjoying the wonderful post from others. I notice that someone liked one of my postings and they also started following me. Now that is what most everyone wants, right?

Well here is where my problems is. The follower is “SEX STORIES” and the posting they “liked” is of a Teen Girl and her Chalk Art. Do you see where I am going with this?

Well I did not, and have no plans to even view that blog page, as I personally find the page name “not appropriate for this viewer”. For those who desire that stuff, oh well, it is your life.

Now my first thought was to block that blogger. But for some strange reason, I thought that may be ‘prejudging’ them, as they may have really just liked the photos. But when I think of the word SEX and a young child together, it makes me very discussed, ( I am trying to be polite with that statement.)

So I sit here, chain smoking cigarettes, chugging coffee and trying not to be too hasty with my judgment of someone. I am trying to figure out in my head what I should do next. Not posting younger children in my post seems to be the most logical thing I should do. Even though it made her happy that her photo and chalk art was seen in distant countries.

Isn’t it interesting how a Blog’s Page name can ruin a persons day. . .




  1. So sorry to read about your disturbing experience today. I would seriously consider blocking them for your own peace of mind. You dont need thoughtless bloggers like that spoiling your time on WordPress and making you feel so uncomfortable. ☹

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  2. Since this was posted, I found out that someone tried to access my Twitter account about the same time as this person “liked” and “followed” my postings. Since I was linked to Twitter, that may be where my problem lay. So I have now deactivated/deleted my Twitter and Tumbler accounts completely.
    It also appears that the “my friends” emails from Twitter was accessed. An email was sent to each address listed about the same time. Luckily I only had several friends listed and most are ‘dead end’ emails, as they have changed their providers. (I also received that email from me, it went to SPAM).
    I would dare to say that the person that upset me was not them but someone using their identity.


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