Correct, Incorrect or neither?

Yesterday as I was enjoying a ‘hot’ winter day, I had my front door open. I hear a squirrel barking out a warning that something dangerous to it’s well being was near. I went out so see what was troubling it. Expecting to find one of the cats or possibly the rooster nearby. I found nothing to upset it. Looking at this squirrel, my thoughts were, I needed to get a photo. When I returned with the camera, it was laying quietly on a limb.

(C)2018 KRColvinPhoto

I took several zoomed in close shots, filling the frame with the squirrel. Then I thought about the concept of placing something in the foreground to add depth to the shot. So I did, I pulled back the zoom some, capturing a few limbs in the foreground.

Now looking at the photo I have mixed feelings. If I was to title it something like, “Way up high and almost hidden in a tree”, this photo would be OK. But all I was going to do was show a photo of the squirrel. Although this photo does show the squirrel in a tree, it violated the rule of “Fill the Frame with the Subject”.

So, did I choose the “correct” photo to share, or was I “incorrect”?  Dose it really matter as long as I am please with the photo I took and shared? Over thinking what should be so simple is almost as bad as not thinking at all. . .

Be Safe and have a Great Day. . .

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