Why is you photo so blurred?

Most who take photos much can answer that question very easily.  But for those who are not behind a camera much, here is why some of my photos are blurred.

This is a wide angle shot from where I sat. Notice the yellow circle about in the center. That is where the subject I am trying to photograph is playing at.


Yeah, Like it is hard to even see. Well that is because I shot ‘wide angle’. (4mm). A lot of us use zoom lens to bring in the objects closer. Most average uses may have a zoom that goes up to 200mm. The shot below is shot at 185mm.


Now that is a long ways to capture such a small animal such as this chipmunk. Then you must think if the photo was taken while in hand. As every movement you make will make things blur. I hope those two photos give you an idea as to why some of the photos are blurred.

This next shot is zoomed in to 366mm and 10 seconds after the above photo was taken.


This next shot is also at 336mm. I was luck it stood still long enough for me to focus in on it.


For those who are asking, YES, I used a tripod for these shots. As these old hand are not steady as they once were.

Be Safe and have a Blessed Day. . .

Get a Room.

As I sat patiently on my porch steps with camera in hand, hoping to get a few shots of the birds before the afternoon rains, I saw this. . .

One could imagine that they came back to the place they first meet, and to only find the only thing the same is the love for each other. . .

Be Safe and have a Blessed Day. . .

It is Morning, Right?

It’s is 5:15 and Redhead Fred is on my porch, crowing his head off. But there is only one problem. . . It is PM, not AM. He must have snook off to take a nap and got his days and nights messed up. . . LOL

(C)2018 KRColvinPhoto

Be Safe and have a Blessed Day. . .

His, Hers and Theirs.

Maw told Paw she was tired of always being hurried when she was “taking care of business”. So Paw took care of that problem. . .


OK City folk, them there are outhouses. Country folk bathrooms.

Be Safe and have a Blessed Day. . .

Chasing Firefly’s.

As the Old Man sleeps, he chases Firefly’s in his dreams.

(C)2018 KRColvinPhoto

Using my Nikon D3000 and 50mm lens, shooting at F16 with 30 sec exposure and a blinking light toy. If you have never done something like this and wish to, “Google” Light Painting Photography, then pick the one your heart desires.

Children enjoy running around with glow sticks and no two photos will be the same. You ever know what you will come up with.

Be Safe and have a Blessed Day. . .