On a Warmer Day.

As temps got close to 70F/38C, I grabbed an old 5 gallon bucket to sit on and went out to photograph the Goats. Booner made sure, I knew he was watching my every move.

(C)2018 KRColvinPhoto

Bella went to checking out the toy tractor after her daughter, Breeze decided it wasn’t much fun to play on. Booner of course had his eye on us.

(C)2018 KRColvinPhoto

I thought Breeze was going for a swim, but she just ran right past their watering pool.

(C)2018 KRColvinPhoto

Meanwhile, Bella and her oldest daughter Brooke seemed to be having a Mother-Daughter moment.

(C)2018 KRColvinPhoto

Breeze seized the opportunity to jumping from high places.

(C)2018 KRColvinPhoto

As for Redhead Fred, the fearless Rooster. Well, he was around all day, but never made an appearance when I had my camera.

Be Safe and have a Blessed Day. . .

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