250+ Photos later.

Saturday April 21, 2018 was a busy day for me. As Oak Grove Missionary Baptist Church of Niota, Tennessee held their spring Wagon Train and Hayride fund-raiser.

(C)2018 KRColvinPhoto

Events such as this are great for Photography Hobbyist as myself to put their skills to the test.

(C)2018 KRColvinPhoto

Taking photos of horses and their riders as they zip past you, while the sun is directly overhead is quit a challenge.

(C)2018 KRColvinPhoto

One could say this is “Country Folks” version of “Street Photography”. You never know what you will see.

(C)2018 KRColvinPhoto

And even if you photos are not “Picture Perfect”, they still capture the memories for those who were not able to be there.

But the best reward of this adventure was when the ride was over and we went to eat.

(C)2018 KRColvinPhoto

So after a quick edit, (as they were shot RAW), and posting 250+ photos, I feel as I had a good day of photo shooting.

Links to the photo shoot are:    Set 1    Set 2

Be Safe and have a Blessed Day. . .

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  1. Fantastic sets of photographs. I bet everyone is very grateful to have the day captured on film, so the memories can be treasured and looked back on in years to come 🙂 Glad you had a good day. Horses are just so beautiful

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