Bel-Air and not California. 1936 Chev BelAirOne might think I really like old auto, as for all the car shows I have attended. But the truth be known, I like any auto that will take to where I want to go and get me back home without breaking down.

Be Safe and have a Blessed Day. . .

She shot me!

Tonight as I was awaiting for the sun to set, Miss DD shot me. Funny thing, I didn’t even notice until I went to editing pictures.

If you look really close behind me and to the left, you’ll see power lines that look like they are on the ground. Well those lines are not low, I just got a good little hill as my back yard.

Be Safe and have a Blessed Day. . .

On this day in 2014

As I look back on the things I have done and places I have gone, it feels like it was just yesterday. Below are two of Alvin Shoemaker’s Cars, he took to a Car Show in Chattanooga, Tennessee.

Rods and Custom Spring Auto Show in Chattanooga, TN

Above is a 1933 Ford Vickie. Alvin built this one and it is his pride and joy.Rods and Custom Spring Auto Show in Chattanooga, TN

The Green one is a 1936 Ford “Humpback”. This auto is the one I normally drive for Alvin. It pulls a small ‘car like’ trailer behind it. The trailer holds everything we might need. Chairs, tent canopies, drink cooler and most important, Car cleaning/detailing items.

Did you notice people looking at his and not the one I drive. . LOL.

Be Safe and have a Blessed Day. . .

Yes I did like you post. . .

Something just ain’t right. . .

I have been using my tablet to read wordpress. I am now on my desktop and I noticed that when I like someone’s post when on my tablet, when visiting their page, my likes are not there when I look back at those pages via my desktop.

If I just click “like” on the wordpress page that list the blogs, my likes are reflected when I look back later on.

So if you haven’t been seeing my “LIKES” to your page, sorry. I guess I need to just use my desktop for wordpress.