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Miss DD prefers my old COOLPIX Nikon Camera over D3000 SLR Nikon. She thinks my camera is too complicated for her. If only the COOLPIX shot NEF (RAW) versus JPG, but at her age, at least she knows the difference between using her cell phone as a camera and a real camera.

Be Safe, Have Fun and Enjoy Life.

It’s just that easy.

Point is the general direction and click it.(C)2018 KRColvinPhoto

. . . And I still do not know how she does it.  But she got a my picture without looking. . . and ‘Red Head Fred’ Photo bombed the shot.  Fred is over my right shoulder. . . my other right. . . and he is still trying to FLY.Point & Click

Be Safe, Have Fun and Enjoy Life.

Can I ask you “WHY”?

Yes, I have a questions for some, not every, but some, bloggers.

We all love seeing photos/pictures.images. That is why I am here, to share some of my ‘not so great’ photos with you

But yesterday, I only got to look at a very few Blog sites. The reason I couldn’t look at more is simple. I ran out on my daily alloted DATA.  (300MB a day.)

But how could I do that you ask? . . . . .Look at the file size (MB’s) of just two of the photo that were downloaded to my cache files.  Also look at the photos screen size.


Now these were just the  two largest ones. There were lot, and I mean lots more that were very large sized.  (No. I am not picking on anyone. Most of us are unlimited INTERNET and so, we do not think twice about the file sizes we post. Understandable.

Now below is one of my ‘not so great’ photos. But first let me show you the screen size and kB’s used.



Notice that even zoomed out to 200%, it is not pixel’d out, and the writing is still legible.

I do understand that not everyone can reduce the size of the photos they post down so small, but, reducing them down some would result in faster loading and less data used, for those of us not living where cable INTERNET access is available.

Oh well. . Now for what I am here for. . . to share a photo. .

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Be Safe, Have Fun and Enjoy Life.