Not just a Truck

(Post from my @KRColvinPhoto Facebook Page.)

A Car Show is not the place to take photos of bright and shiny automobiles, especially when the sun is directly overhead. To compound the difficulty, the autos are parked so close to each other, it makes it hard to get a good shot. Most of them have their bonnets raised up. Yes, the hoods raised up does make it challenging. You also have the spectators that huddle around and just stand there swapping stories. There are also those drivers that place their lawn chairs in front of their autos. If they were sitting in them, that would be fine, but 90% of the time, the chairs are empty. There are also the ones parked in the darkest shade they can find, like under a tree, where the background is so bright it turns everything white behind the auto.

With all the challenges of photographing a car show, you may ask why I even try. The answer is pretty simple. It’s a challenge and I enjoy it.

By posting the photos on-line, it allows those who may be in another State, Country or just not able to be there to at least get a glimpse of the event. The photos are also a way to expose the cars and the event to those who may not be car enthusiasts. What car owner wouldn’t want to draw attention to their auto and to their hobby? For the sponsors of the car shows, the photos show those who may have been undecided and did not attend, just what they missed, and just possibly draw in a bigger crowd on the next event.[A Truck]

KR Colvin Photo

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