A better “BAD” Photo.

When you are just ‘a fly on the wall’ at an event and your taking photos, you do not always have the opportunity to get every photo just perfect. As like the photo below, the event host was taking photos of the winner of the ‘Best of Show’ in the truck class. The truck was partially in a very shaded area and the other part was in direct bright sunshine. You just have to take the shot and hope for the best.

For several years (and currently still do), I have struggled with getting the quality shots I really want. But using a “entry-level” camera, I am limited to the quality the camera can capture. With that said, I have to be creative with my photo editing to make the pictures look good. But a bad photo is still a bad photo, no matter how much it is edited. But you can make it a better “bad” photo.

A good photo editing program can make a world of difference. Adobe has several top notch programs for photo editing. They will work on Mac and Windows, but my OS is a Linux machine. I currently use GIMP and RawTherapee. I also use Darktable. I also have those three programs on an old Windows XP machine. I also have Gimp and RawThrapee on an old Mac IOS.

Over editing is something I struggle with. Many times, just a little correction is all that is needed to make a photo look better. But in this photo, it needed a little more than a quick fix. I spent well over an hour experimenting around to get it looking like it dose. It would have been much easier to get the photo right when it was taken. But that is not always possible.

The two images to the right were reduced in quality for posting purposes. The image on the right is a screen shot containing part of the image at 100% scale and full quality.

Dark to Light

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